Broken Bones EP

by Bradman

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released January 22, 2017



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Track Name: The Zombie Vs. The Invisible Man
Something knocked my borders down,
spread me over town-
I can't remember what's me and what's pavement.
I learned to turn invisible, and never make a sound-
i've never worked so hard for such little payment.

- A zombie came
- It wanted brains
- It wouldn't let me go

(The zombie didn't know that i had powers of my own)

So i'll remain invisible, all of my own accord
And i will let you know when you can see me

I take off my disguise, and it's a big surprise: I'm a superhero
No, i don't look strong, but you got it wrong- that's just my alter-ego
And no, i don't fight crime... and i'm alone all the time...
but that's my disguise.

And when i turn my powers off, i'm just another guy
and if you've had enough, then you can say that.
So maybe just forget my life, and save another try.
And if you wanted love, well you could make that.

- A zombie came!
- A pretty name!
- She's gotta let me go!

So i won't ache her conscience and she won't be my alone.
And i'll remain invisible, inside my old Accord.
And i will pick you up when you concede me.

But there's no bad news-
There'll be no bad news anymore.
Yeah, there's no bad news, not for now.

The zombie came to life
The zombie thinks it's always right
The zombie came to fight, but i'm not there-
i'm the invisible man

A zombie came, it wanted brains, it wouldn't let me go,
the zombie didn't know i had these powers and these problems of my own
so i'll remain invisible and all will go away,
and there won't be problems now, babe.
Track Name: Victory March
Track Name: Needles, The Guy From "Back To The Future"
I don't gotta know if you'll lock it down, or put your money on the cards for another round, just tell me there's something worth waiting on.
Got your mama in the bag but i need a little more, if you wanna run it back, pack a needle and, hey, i'll search until i got it in my teeth, believe, if you tell me there's something worth waiting on.
Track Name: Richie
I got a picture of your kitty & Richard Lenoir
Track Name: Baby's All Right
My baby's fine
She's whatever
Track Name: Балтика
All is lost